Seasons partners with the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

As of this fall, Seasons is proudly partnering with the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal to give readers access to quality content about healthy aging and wellness. This partnership will help streamline current and trusted information that is relevant to our readers.

What is the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal offers readers free, high-quality, evidence-based information to help Canadians learn how to improve existing health conditions and optimize the aging process.

“There are many websites that deal with health and aging, but what sets the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal apart, is the emphasis on using the latest scientific evidence to provide credible insights on healthy aging,” says Dr. Anthony Levinson, one of the Portal leads.

Leveraging the university’s three world-class evidence research databases (traditionally referenced by public health professionals, clinicians and policymakers), the Portal provides high-quality, easy-to-understand information to the public.

How this partnership will benefit our readers:

Seasons recent partnership with the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal will introduce our community to sought-after information that covers topics such as:

  • Aging well
  • Mental health
  • Physical health and wellness
  • Disease prevention
  • Pain reduction

+ much more

The Portal is easy to navigate and is organized by category to ensure readers can access content that aligns with their interests.

 Seasons’ commitment to providing credible, research-based content:

As the Internet continues to evolve, it is overloaded with information. Sometimes, it is difficult to trust content published on the Internet. Seasons wants to give readers facts and statistics that are backed by industry-leading research and expertise. The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal is concentrated with reliable and digestible content relevant to seniors and adult children.

Our ultimate goal is to improve lives by helping our community become happier and healthier. Keep an eye out for new blog content featuring the Portal.

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