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Measures to Protect Against COVID-19 at Seasons

The health and well-being of our team members, residents and their families remain our greatest priorities. Seasons Retirement Communities has taken many health and safety measures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid the spread of the virus, and we continue to follow the advice of provincial and federal governments, our sector regulators, and local Public Health agencies.  Given the continued prevalence of COVID-19, along with new, more contagious variants, there is an ongoing risk to our communities. We must remain vigilant and take all precautions to protect each other for the duration of the pandemic.

Please note that as the COVID-19 situation evolves, we may need to adjust our policies. We will continue to advise residents and families of these changes as quickly as possible.  

Current Precautionary Protocols:

Vaccination rates among Seasons residents are very high, and some local public health units have begun administering booster shots. Seasons has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy for all team members, contractors, volunteers and students.  All external care providers and essential visitors must comply with Government Directives and Orders regarding vaccination, which may include but is not limited to proof of vaccination, health screening and rapid antigen testing.  

The Corporate Infection Control Committee (CICC) plans for every stage of a potential outbreak and provides regular communication to all stakeholders. In some instances, we do not just meet provincial public health and safety requirements for senior living; we exceed them to benefit our team members, residents and families. In all decisions, the group considers protective measures while balancing residents’ physical and mental well-being. 

Active screening for all staff, essential visitors, and vendor partners who enter Seasons, including completing health screening checklists. Anyone exhibiting symptoms suggestive of flu or COVID-19 or who has been in contact with a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter.  

Resident health and wellness. Ongoing observation of residents for typical and atypical symptoms of COVID-19 or any other changes.

Physical distancing and cohorts. Tables have been spaced out to accommodate physical distancing. In addition, dining sittings have been adjusted to ensure residents from the same floor or area in our homes eat simultaneously to cohort groups for contact tracing purposes. Seasons has adapted group activities in a way that respects physical distancing while encouraging safe social gatherings. 

Enhanced cleaning routines continue, including infection control protocols for increased cleaning of high touch point areas. Hand sanitizer in key amenity areas and additional information is shared with staff and residents on how to help prevent the spread of the virus personally.

Team member commitment.  Team members are hand washing frequently, participating in surveillance testing, universal masking and maintaining a physical distance.

Use of masks and PPE. In an outbreak situation, masks and PPE are required per our public health’s infection control policy and directives. Residents are requested to wear masks indoors whenever they leave their suites.

Heightened safety protocols are implemented in a home with an outbreak or suspected outbreak status.  Symptomatic residents or those at risk for exposure are isolated with droplet/contact precautions.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) for team members and essential caregivers, including a mask, gown, gloves, and eye protection, is implemented to support affected residents.


A reminder that the retirement home sector must follow the provincial government’s direction, Chief Medical Officer of Health, our sector regulator, and local Public Health agencies. The Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA) and The Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) have provided a resource, Retirement Homes Policy to Implement Directive #3, which outlines rules for visitation, absences and gatherings.

Visitors.  Whether general visitors or essential visitors/caregivers, all visitors to our homes must participate in health screening, book a visit in advance, and adhere to our visiting hours. For extenuating circumstances, please speak with the General Manager.  

General Visitors

  • General Visitors are permitted unless a resident is self-isolating and on Droplet and Contact precautions or the local PHU advises the home to stop general visits (e.g., during an outbreak).
  • General Visitors must pass screening requirements and be reminded to follow applicable public health measures while visiting the home.
  • Outdoor visits will be encouraged as much as possible; however, depending on residents’ needs, the home may support indoor visits, in-suite visits, and/or social absences.
  • General Visitors may be permitted regardless of immunization status, and the residence will not unreasonably deny visits as long as the following policies are followed:
    • General Visitors may visit a resident in an indoor or outdoor designated area, including in-suite.
    • General Visitors and residents must maintain physical distancing (2 metres separation) for the duration of the visit. This is except for brief physical contact when hugging.
    • General Visitors must wear masks for the duration of the visit, unless exempt under the Directive #3 masking requirements (masking for residents is recommended).
    • When indoors, General Visitors must wear a medical mask.
    • When outdoors, General Visitors must wear a medical or non-medical mask.
  • As per the directive, visitors will not be refused based on their COVID-19 immunization status but may be required if necessary to take a Rapid Antigen test onsite.


A reminder that the retirement home sector is required to follow the provincial government’s direction, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Alberta Health Services and Communicable Disease Control (CDC).

For the most updated information related to Alberta, please visit this link. As per the Alberta government, the following restrictions remain in place:

  • Health Assessment Screening and continuous masking for staff, volunteers and service providers.
  • Visiting persons are required to wear a mask continuously in common areas and be screened upon entry.
  • Twice daily high-touch cleaning requirements in common areas
  • Select quarantine/isolation requirements when needed
  • Outbreak expectations

Visitors.  Whether general visitors or essential visitors, all visitors to our homes must participate in health screening, book a visit in advance, and adhere to our visiting hours. For extenuating circumstances, please speak with the General Manager. At Seasons Retirement Communities, all visitors must wear a medical mask to visit indoors or outdoors.

We could consider the line above with the not refusing by may ask for participation in testing bc that is our right as part of an enhanced safety protocol where there is a surge in the greater community

Please note that Local Public Health Units (LPHU) or CDC may alter guidelines depending on risk, including the prevalence of the Delta variant, positivity rates etc., in the greater community.  In these instances, Seasons protocols will align with LPHU and CDC.

Thank you to our team members, residents, and families for the trust you have placed in Seasons Retirement Communities. For additional information, please visit the Company tab of our website.