Are pets allowed?

Yes, all Seasons homes are pet friendly!  We just ask that residents respect their neighbours’ right to quiet enjoyment of their home, and that residents provide us with an emergency contact number in case they need assistance caring for their pet.

Are there visiting hours?

No, there are no set visiting hours: Seasons is home and residents can entertain guests whenever they like.  For the safety of our residents, we lock our front doors after hours.  Guests may gain access by ringing the doorbell and speaking to one of our service team members.

Can I bring my car? Is there a charge?

Yes, residents can bring a car.  We charge a monthly fee to reserve a preferred parking spot; otherwise, general parking is free.

Can I visit whenever I want?

Absolutely, we encourage you to visit as often as you can. We ask that you sign in at the concierge desk when you first enter our residence, and then check in at the wellness coordination station when you enter the memory care area.

Do you offer short term stays?

Yes.  Our short term stay program is great for recovery after illness or surgery, or as a short-term trial stay.  We offer fully-furnished suites equipped with telephone and cable television.  Meals and care are included in the daily cost; please speak with the Leasing Manager in the Seasons community you are interested in, for more information.

Do you sign a lease?

Yes.  Our leases are month to month, so if anything ever changes, residents simply provide 30 days’ notice.

Do your suites come furnished or unfurnished?

Our independent living, independent supportive living and assisted living suites are unfurnished. We want our residents to feel comfortable: it’s nice to be surrounded by familiar furniture that they love, or new furniture that suits their personal style. Our Memory Care and Designated Supportive Living Suites can come furnished. This allows for a seamless and convenient move in, once you determine we are the right fit for you or your loved one.

Is there a waitlist?

Yes, in some cases. Please contact the Seasons Community you are considering for up-to-date waitlist information.

What are the suites like?

We offer a choice of suite styles. We encourage you to book a personal visit to best determine if Seasons is the right fit for you or your loved one.

What if I want to cook my own meal?

Our retirement homes offer 3 delicious meals each day, served in our elegant dining rooms. We encourage our residents to enjoy meals with others to create a social atmosphere and build friendships. We do offer a community kitchen space so residents may prepare a meal or do some baking, if they like. It’s fully stocked with all the kitchen cookware they need. Additionally, some of our communities have townhomes on site, or offer apartments. They are equipped with full kitchens.

What if my parent’s care needs increase? What happens next?

All Seasons Service Team Leaders and Members are trained to look out for even the subtlest changes in our residents so we can have proactive, discreet conversations with them about their well-being.  Seasons offers additional care packages.  A member of our Health & Wellness team will meet with you to discuss you/your parent’s health care needs and review all of your options.

What is the food like in Memory Care or a DSL floor?

We serve the same healthy, balanced meals in memory care and DSL as we do in the main residence, and can accommodate medically prescribed diets.

What is the process for accessing Designated Supportive Living (Alberta)?

The first step is to call Alberta Health Services (AHS) at 1-855-371-4122 and answer their questions to register for Home Care.  Then you will be assigned an AHS Continuing Care Case Manager in your community, who will guide you through the process, assist with the DSL program, and help you choose the best retirement community for you or your loved one.

When will my monthly rate increase?

Annually, on the anniversary of their move in date, residents receive a rate increase.  Rate increases are in keeping with the Residential Tenancies Act. Notice of this increase will be provided to residents 90 days in advance.