Are there visiting hours?

No, there are no set visiting hours: Seasons is your home and residents can entertain guests whenever they like. For the safety of our residents, we lock our front doors after hours. Guests may gain access by ringing the doorbell and speaking to one of our service team members, then they are required to sign in and out of our guest registry at the front desk.*

What is the cost for guests to join a resident at mealtime?

We welcome all our residents’ guests! Please inquire with the concierge for meal prices and to reserve your table.*

Do you cater to special diets?

Yes, we can accommodate certain medical diets, such as a Diabetic diet for example. Our Health & Wellness team is available to discuss and review healthy meal choices.

Do your suites come furnished or unfurnished?

Unfurnished. We want residents to feel comfortable: We feel it’s best that they be surrounded by familiar furniture that they love or new furniture that suits their style.

What if I want to cook my own meal?

Our retirement communities offer 3 delicious meals each day, served in our elegant dining rooms. We encourage our residents to enjoy meals with others to create a social atmosphere and build friendships. We do offer a community kitchen space so residents may prepare a meal or do some baking if they like. It’s fully stocked with all the kitchen cookware needed. Additionally, some of our communities have townhomes or apartments on-site. Those houses are equipped with full kitchens.*

What appliances can I bring?

In our retirement home suites, we allow small appliances that have an automatic shut-off. In addition, we have a 24-hour bistro area with complimentary tea, coffee, fresh fruit and baked goods.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, all Seasons homes are pet-friendly! We just ask that residents respect their neighbours’ right to quiet enjoyment of their home and that they provide us with an emergency contact number in case they need assistance caring for their pet.

Will there be an additional charge for bringing my pet?

There is never an additional charge to bring your pet, however, you will be expected to maintain any costs associated with the care of your pet.

Can I bring my car? If so, is there a fee?

Yes, you can bring your car! We charge a monthly fee to reserve a preferred parking spot, otherwise, general parking is free.

Is there a place to charge my car if I drive an electric vehicle?

Yes. While some homes offer electric vehicle chargers, others have yet to be equipped with this technology. The Leasing Manager will be happy to provide you with more information.

Do you sign a lease?

Yes. Our leases are month to month, so if anything ever changes, residents simply provide 30 days’ notice.

When will my monthly rate increase?

On the anniversary of your move-in date, you will receive a rate increase. Rate increases are in keeping with the Residential Tenancies Act. Notice of this increase will be provided to you 90 days in advance.

Do you offer short-term stays?

Yes. Our short-term stay program is great for recovery after illness or surgery, or as a short-term trial stay. We offer fully furnished suites equipped with telephone and cable television. Meals and care are included in the daily cost. The Leasing Manager at each Seasons community will be happy to provide more information.*

Do you offer guest suites?

While unoccupied suites may be able to accommodate guest stays, we do not have specific suites reserved for guests at this time. Please ask the concierge about bookings in advance of your guest’s visit. If you feel you have room in your suite, your guests are welcome to stay with you overnight.*

What happens if a resident’s care needs increase?

All Seasons Service Team Leaders and Members are trained to look out for even the subtlest changes in our residents so we can have proactive, discreet conversations with them about their well-being. A member of our Health & Wellness team will meet with you to discuss your or your loved one’s health care needs and review all of your future options. 

Can I continue to see my own doctor?

Yes, residents are welcome to keep their own physician. Additionally, residents will have access to either an in-house Doctor or a telemedicine system where residents are able to receive medical consultation over the phone (OTN). A pharmacist will also be on-site regularly to discuss medications utilizing e-MAR, an advanced Electronic Medication Administration Record system.

Is there staff on duty at all times?

Yes. Seasons Retirement communities are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always someone available to assist if needed.

How does the emergency pendant work?

Our emergency call system is activated by a pendant that residents wear as a necklace or on their wrist. In the event of an emergency, they would press the button and our trained staff can respond right away via the two-way voice receiver in their suite.

When can I move in?

We hope that you decide to make Seasons Retirement Communities your home! The Leasing Manager will walk you through the steps from leaving a deposit, to meeting with our Health & Wellness Manager, to selecting the move-in date that suits you best. We will do everything we can to make the move-in process as smooth as possible for you. Our team looks forward to welcoming you!*

Where can I find information about changes in operating procedures due to the pandemic?

Seasons remains committed to relaying information to those impacted as quickly as possible. For the most updated information, we ask that you check the Company tab of our website.

*Operations are subject to change on a situational basis.

What is Seasons doing to keep its staff, residents and visitors safe?

At the outset of the COVID-19 situation in Canada, Seasons Retirement Communities implemented heightened precautionary protocols in all of our homes. We continue to follow the advice of provincial and federal governments, our sector regulators, and local Public Health agencies. For current precautionary protocols, we ask that you check the Company tab of our website.