Embrace Today™

The memory care program at Seasons is purposefully designed to serve persons living with dementia, in a dedicated, secure area.

Each of our trained service team members commits to “Embrace Today™”: to approach the workday with a promise to do his or her best to make all interactions positive and meaningful, one moment at a time. We understand the importance of hiring for heart in order to deliver on this promise. The Seasons memory care philosophy of Embrance Today™ is based on authentic relationships. When we have positive relationships among all care partners, it elevates person-centered care and makes it more meaningful.

We foster an unhurried environment where building genuine friendships with our residents and their families is prioritized over our daily routine. Our staff is empowered to sit with a resident and connect over a cup of coffee, or involve residents in the tasks at hand. We endeavour to fully understand who our residents are, so we may adjust our interactions and respond with whatever is needed in the moment.


By integrating our residents’ life stories and interests into the present, every day can be purposeful and positive. Together with our residents, their family members and staff we create a Legacy Today journal documenting the achievements of today while recognizing their previous life skills. This information shapes our care plan and allows us to focus on creating positive “wow moments” throughout the day.


At Seasons, we don’t just centre our care on the resident; we offer monthly Peer Support Gatherings for staff caring for, and families of, persons living with dementia. These gatherings strengthen our relationships by providing a safe venue to discuss feelings, frustrations and to offer learning opportunities and strategies to better understand living with dementia. Our monthly family gatherings foster relationships through shared experiences and provide support and learning opportunities for family members. We also foster peer support in these gatherings to recognize the special qualities and strengths needed to serve seniors with a cognitive impairment. We strongly believe in reflective practice through journaling and we encourage staff to journal their learning experiences for personal and professional growth.


Is there a waitlist? Some of our memory care areas have a waitlist. Please contact the Seasons Community you are considering for up to date waitlist information.

What are the suites like? We offer a choice of suite styles. We encourage you to book a personal visit to view the suites, and the memory care area, to best determine if this is a good fit for your loved one.

Can I visit whenever I want? Absolutely. We encourage you to visit as often as you can. We ask that you sign in at the concierge desk when you first enter our residence, and then check in at the wellness coordination station when you enter the memory care area.

What is the food like? We serve the same healthy, balanced meals in memory care as we do in the main residence, and can accommodate medically prescribed diets.

Through the Embrace Today™ philosophy of care and service we remember that:

  • Environment should be calm and unhurried
  • Moments Count-even the smallest interactions make a difference
  • Behaviour is a form of communication
  • Residents should be treated the way I want to be treated
  • Authentic relationships must be nurtured
  • Connecting with residents is more important than completing tasks
  • Each contact will involve positive interaction and gentle touch

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