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Memory Care at Seasons

Learning to Embrace Today™

At Seasons, our dedicated team is always looking for new ways to improve the lives of our residents. As the Canadian population ages, experts suggest that an increasing number of their families will be affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As of 2016, the Alzheimer Society of Canada reported that 564,000 Canadians are living with dementia. Within the next 15 years, this number is expected to rise to 937,000.

Seasons responded to this reality by developing a person-centered Memory Care program for seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our Memory Care areas incorporate bright, open spaces that feel like home and are comfortable for visitors.

In newer residences, we include private outdoor spaces to promote freedom of movement and to ensure nature is close by. Furthermore, we provide engaging tools that encourage conversation for families and staff to connect with residents. This “enabling of the environment” is one branch of our Embrace Today™ philosophy that promotes wellness and positive interactions for our residents living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Seasons Memory Care philosophy is based on authentic relationships.

Each of our highly trained service team members commits to Embrace Today™ which means they approach the workday with a promise to do his or her best to make all interactions positive and meaningful, one moment at a time.

“We understand the importance of hiring for heart in order to build authentic relationships with our residents and their families. We believe that positive relationships among all care partners elevates person-centered care and makes it more meaningful,” says Stephanie Sanborn, Director of Education and Innovation, which includes Memory Care.

This is why Seasons also fosters an unhurried environment where building genuine friendships with our residents and their families is prioritized over our daily routine. We strive to really understand who our residents are in order to adjust our interactions and respond with whatever is needed at the moment.

Building a Legacy Today

We work with our residents and their families to create a Legacy Today book. As a result, this book helps us understand who our residents are by noting their past accomplishments and by celebrating the moments we share together.

The information we collect shapes our care plans and also allows us to focus on creating positive “Wow Moments” throughout the day.

We provide comfortable spaces for visits.  Furthermore, we provide engaging tools that encourage conversation for families and staff to connect with residents.

Collaboration with family members and healthcare professionals allows us to:

  • Know and understand a resident’s life story to build daily routines around preferences
  • Develop meaningful, individualized programs
  • Build supportive friendships
  • Host ‘Living with Dementia’ support gatherings with residents, families and staff
  • Provide continuing education for staff and family members

Our activity calendar for residents in Memory Care is flexible, yet progressively balanced to incorporate elements of the mind and spirit, like brain-enhancing games, exercises and physical activity routines, and calming meditative programs to promote sleep and happiness daily.

For example, our signature program “Fire It Up” is based on the research that engaging both the body and the mind in one program encourages neuroplasticity in the brain. In other words, the brain’s ability to change throughout life, which could mean compensating for lost functions or maximizing remaining functions.

Where are Memory Care areas located?

In Ontario, we have designated memory care areas in Bowmanville, LaSalle, Milton, Amherstburg, Stoney Creek and Brantford, for Alberta residents, we offer DSL4D (Designated Supportive Living, dementia) in Camrose, High River and Olds.

Since our philosophy is rooted in person-centered care, we are open to growing and expanding our Memory Care platform as emerging science and evidence-based programs emerge. For example, implementing pets into our care programming and hosting virtual reality experiences to promote understanding and compassion between residents, family members and caregivers.

Let us show you how we can make a positive difference in your loved one’s life.

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