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Types of Care Offered At Seasons Retirement Communities in Alberta

When it’s time to make a change in living situation for your aging loved ones, understanding the available care package options is very important. We offer a range of quality care options to meet all of our residents’ varying needs.

(IL) Independent Living – The apartments at Seasons Retirement Communities offer independent living. They are designed for seniors who can live independently but who wish to be in a community designed for seniors, with access to social or recreational programming. In Ontario, some communities offer single-storey townhouses.  Our apartments and townhouses are equipped with an emergency call system but no regular care services are provided.

(ISL) Independent Supportive Living – Independent supportive living suits an independent, active senior who does not need assistance with the activities of daily living, but who benefits from a supportive, congregate living environment. Residents in ISL receive assistance with scheduled care and typically enjoy services such as 24-hour emergency response, three meals daily, weekly housekeeping, and medication administration.

(DSL) Designated Supportive Living – Adults living in Designated Supportive Living (DSL) need significant support for many aspects of daily living, but do not need care in a long-term care residence. DSL residents receive personal care as determined by Alberta Health Services.

(DSL3) Designated Supported Living 3 – A Seasons community that offers DSL3 allows you to enjoy privacy and independence with the comfort of knowing your health and personal care supports are on-site when you need them. Accommodation, meals, housekeeping, linen and recreational services are provided. A higher level of personal care supports is provided, as compared to home care; onsite for scheduled and unscheduled care needs according to the plan of care. Health care services are provided on a scheduled basis but can be accessed as needed.

(DSL4) Designated Supportive Living 4 – DSL4 includes accommodation, meals, housekeeping, linen and recreational services.  A higher level of personal care supports is provided and health care services are offered onsite for scheduled and unscheduled care needs, according to the plan of care. DSL4 is suitable for individuals who have more complex medical needs that are predictable and safely managed with onsite, professional nursing and the direction of the case manager.

(DSL4D) Designated Supportive Living 4D – DSL4D provides specialized dementia care. DSL4D is for individuals with moderate to severe dementia, who may have a high risk of wandering and unpredictable behaviours but who are not a safety risk to themselves or others. The Seasons Embrace Today® memory care philosophy is an integral part of DSL4D care in a Seasons residence.